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The Brief

In collaboration with Linn Sandstrom (professional boxer) as embassador of Monster Energy, the objective of this campaign was to create genuine content promoting and supporting the launch of a new product called Monster HydroSport. The content will be showcased on Linn Sandstrom social media platforms highlighting how this new product enhance her day to day workout routines.

HydroSport is non-carbonated drink for easy drinking. It is formulated with Magnesium, Caffeine and B Vitamins.

Our Roles


Video Production

Creative Direction


Monster Energy

Creative Direction

We wanted the overall mood of the hero videos and images to be professional but also friendly & approachable as we were trying to convey both that she is a pro athlete and also how the product can be consumed by non-athletes. It was very important we appeal to Linn's target roles and industries.

As a result, we captured Linn using the product in different situations such as working out outdoors, training at the gym, and doing pads with her coach. This way, we made the storytelling more engaging by showing her genuine use of the product in a variety of environments.


"Identity Creators is by far the best I’ve worked with. They have helped me as an athlete creating social media clips/promo videos (most resent we are working on a big project for Monster Energy) and we are also working on a documentary together. All their work is amazing and I couldn’t be more happy to have Franco's (Identity Creators founder) help telling my story!"

- Linn Sandstrom

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