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The Brief

With 30 years of career in the Hair & Beauty industry and being the owner of a successful salon in Melbourne, Rose Carbone is teaching her techniques to effectively understand the needs of every customer and how to create strong customer relationships to increase sales.

Rose wants every participant to unveil self-confidence and transform their sales skills through her online course.

Our Roles



Creative Production

Content Strategy


Rose Carbone

Challenge & Solution

To position Rose Carbone as a Sales Coach and businesswoman we developed a content strategy that focuses on highlighting Rose's expertise in not only in Hair & Beauty but also in sales, customer relationship, leadership, and public relations. 

Therefore, we captured Rose's essence in some images and videos that were posted on Instagram and started a series of Instagram Lives were Rose and other businesswomen such as Lindy Klim and Sally Joseph, talked about a variety of topics to engage the audience. Besides, we produced a promotional business video where Rose explained her journey as a professional and at the moment we are directing and producing what it would be the Rose Approach Course.


"I’ve always dreamed of creating video content for my business to showcase not only my salon environment but to try and capture the passion I have in what my business means to me - well I got what I asked for and more! Franco and his team create pure MAGIC. The attention to details in the pre production work to understand you and your business is next level amazing, their professionalism and compassion is outstanding- most importantly they create magic by bringing your vision to life. I love the whole process of working with identity creators"

- Rose Carbone

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